How to Make Owning Multiple Businesses Successful

As an entrepreneur, owning multiple businesses can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing priorities. (I know, because me and my brother own and operate several).  However, it can be done successfully by following a few tried and true strategies. Some obvious tips are what you’d imagine them to be, such as: owners of multiple startups must be extremely organized and they must excel at time management.  Failure to put these traits at the top of the list can put your businesses at risk because they won’t get the proper attention that they need.  Here are some helpful guidance points on how to manage more than one business: Choose the right projects Sometimes, and probably most times, choosing quality over quantity wins.  Before taking on new projects, make sure that you can dedicate enough time to them so that they excel.   The same can be said for taking on a new business.  Make sure you’ve done the research that determines you can in fact turn a profit, but understand th